God’s word teaches us in Romans 12:6 that we all have been given different gifts by the grace of God…so let us USE THEM!!

Are you a teacher? Are you bilingual? Those are gifts from God. Your School of English as a Second Language NEEDS YOU!! We need 2 – 3 NEW teachers this fall.

Do you enjoy HELPING people? That’s a gift from God! We need 3 NEW Teacher Assistants this Fall!

Do you like to organize stuff, tidy a closet, talk on the phone or maintain attendance sheets…

Do you like to GIVE? We need willing people to join us in accomplishing tasks and others to provide snacks & goodies  for our class breaks.

 We’re one body…The church! We work together using many different gifts. Will you join us?

 ACF School of English as a Second Language NEEDS YOU!!!

To volunteer or for more information please talk to us or call THE CHURCH OFFICE-949.830.7473